LBC Cars

Austin-Healey, Austin Mini Cooper, MGB and we'll throw in a BMW 1602.

LBC Publications

Skinner-Union (SU), Lucas, Girling, Whitely, Smiths

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Little British Car Library

Welcome to the Little British Car Library.  This currently based on my collection of British Car literature and my car projects.   Some of this material was originally published on the website. 

Obviously, the site is currently under construction.  The initial content is a sample Joomla site that I will remove as I learn how to do so.


The main image is of our 1962 Austin-Healey 3000 tri-carb on the road returning from EuroFest at the BMW factory in South Carolina in 2007.  It looks pretty good from 100 yards :).  Picture taken by Jim Frakes.

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