Austin-Healey Driver Handbooks

Starting Point - per Reid Trummel listing compiled 1988

Model Series Publication Number Cover Date Pages Reference Features
100 BN1 996 Red Hardcover September, 1953 66 JL  
996/A Red Hardcover January, 1954      
996/B Red Hardcover April,1954   BH third edition
996/C Red Hardcover November,1954      
996/D Red Hardcover February, 1955   BH fourth edition
BN2 996/E Red Hardcover December, 1955   BH fifth edition
97H 996E Red Hardcover December, 1955      
100-Six BN4 996 F Red Hardcover January, 1957 74 RNG Sixth edition
996/G Red Hardcover March, 1957 74 RT Seventh edition
97H 996H Red Hardcover May, 1957 74 RT
Eighth Edition
p 72 Service Departments
p 73-74 Proprietary Equipment
97H 996J Red Hardcover February, 1958   RNG includes Supplement AKD931 'For Series BN6'
BN6 AKD947 Blue Hardcover     SR  
BN6 and BN4 from car No.48863 AKD947A Blue Hardcover   68 RT p 53 - HP and LCS Fuel Pumps
3000 BN7 and BT7 Mk I AKD 1102 Blue Hardcover   60 BH Index
AKD 1102A Blue Hardcover   60 BH pg 30 Thermo carb, Index
AKD 1102B Blue Hardcover   64 JL p 32 Thermo carb, Index
BN7 and BT7 Mk II AKD 1981 White Pamphlet   12 BH Supplement to be used with Driver's Handbook AKD 1102B. Covers sealing ignition leads with silicone grease, tires, headlamps, HS4 carbs, and seat belts
AKD 1102C Blue Hardcover   68 JL Index
AKD 1102D Blue Hardcover        
AKD 3253B White Pamphlet May, 1962 8 BH Austin-Healey 3000 MkII Sports Convertible Series BJ7 insert included with AKD 1102D
BN7, BT7 and BJ7 Mk II AKD 1102E Blue Hardcover November 1962 68 BH Index
AKD 1102F Blue Hardcover with plastic cover April, 1963 67 JL
p 39, Triple S.U. type HS4, Index
FC, frost precautions - AKD 3775
AKD 3915 Blue Hardcover August,1963 65 JL
p 39,Triple S.U. type HS4
p 55, supplementary tool kit - 97H 524
AKD 3915/1 White Pamphlet   8 BH Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII Sports Convertible BJ8. Supplement used in conjunction with AKD 3915
AKD 3915A Blue Hardcover 1963 65 BH p55, supplementary tool kit - 97H 524
AKD 3915B Blue Hardcover        
BJ8 AKD 4094 Blue Hardcover with plastic cover   54 JL p42, supplementary tool kit - 97H 524
AKD 4094A Blue Hardcover with plastic cover 1964 54 JL
p42, supplementary tool kit - 97H 524
BC, amendment AKD 4249 lubricants
AKD 4094 B Blue Hardcover 1966 61 JL p44, supplementary tool kit - 97H 524
AKD 4094C Blue Hardcover        
AKD 4094D Blue Hardcover with plastic cover 1966 61 JL p 49, supplementary tool kit - AKF 1596
AKD 4094E Blue Hardcover 1967 61 JL p 49, supplementary tool kit - AKF 1596
AKD 4094F Blue Hardcover 1967 61 BH p 49, supplemental tool kit - AKD 1596
Sprite AN5 97H 1583 paperback April, 1958 59 BH Running and Maintenance Instructions
97H 1583A Blue paperback July, 1958 64 ebay  
97H 1583B Blue paperback   61 ebay  
97H 1583C paperback   60 ebay  
Mk I and II AKD1627A Blue paperback March, 1960   ebay  
  AKD 1960A Blue paperback May, 1961   ebay Supplement to the Driver's Handbook AKD 1627A.
Mk I and II AKD 1627D paperback   68 BH  
Mk II AKD 3899 paperback September, 1963 60 BH Index
Mk III AKD 3899 B paperback May, 1964 70 BH Index
Mk III AKD 3899 C paperback     BH  


FC Front Cover
BC Back Cover
OBPC Outside Back Plastic Cover


RNG Richard Gordon
BH Bob Haskell
RH Richard Holman
JL Jim Lesher
SR Steve Rippel
RT Reid Trummel